September 19, 2018 - Research Roundup

Posted on September 19, 2018

Featured Research
Prudential: Pioneering Workplace Financial Wellness
Based on an eight year study of its own employees, new research from Prudential examines the impact of health and wellness programs, finding that managing day-to-day finances, achieving important financial goals, and protecting against key risks are crucial to workers' financial well-being.
TIAA: Timely Insights to Improve Retirement Outcomes
New research from TIAA finds nonprofit and corporate, for-profit employers are concerned about their employees’ retirement futures. Most worrisome: rising healthcare costs and the possibility that employees will outlive their savings. Employers must also contend with significant budget constraints and challenges with recruiting and retaining employees when managing their workforce. The findings offer important, timely insights as lawmakers and industry leaders, including TIAA, work to remove obstacles that deter many plan sponsors from offering investment menu options that can provide guaranteed lifetime retirement income.
Natixis: 2018 Global Retirement Index Report
New research from Natixis ranks the best places for retirement security, the factors involved, and how rankings have changed in the past year. The report also examines five key threats to global retirement security: monetary policy in perpetual crisis mode, slow growth and the weight of public debt, growing old-age dependency, climate change, and eroding quality of life for retirees.
Allianz Global Investors: Mid-Year Outlook - Be More Selective in the Second Half
New commentary from Allianz Global Investors discusses investing themes for the remainder of 2018. After a strong first half to 2017 for equities, the message for the remainder of the year is to look for returns more carefully in the second half. The “country factor” will be key: Investors can no longer rely on a rising tide of cyclical data to lift all boats. The EU and Japan should strengthen while the US, China and the UK slow or stall.
Federated: Weekly Update "I've Seen it Rainin' Fire in the Sky"
New market commentary from Federated discusses the contention that the stock market is on a "sugar high" versus tax-cut driven behavioral changes, such as the long-term impact of productivity-enhancing capital expenditures and cash repatriation.
AXA: Protection, Growth and Income – Helping Consumers Reach Retirement Goals
New research from AXA uncovers several opportunities for financial professionals to drive deeper client satisfaction by proactively discussing protection against stock market downturns, guaranteed lifetime income options and by planning for healthcare expenses. Key findings include eight in 10 individuals expressing an interest in learning about an option that offers principal protection and growth potential; 56 percent of individuals rate their financial professional highly when guaranteed lifetime income is discussed, versus 34 percent who do so when lifetime income is not discussed; and, only 50 percent of individuals say they discuss guaranteed lifetime income with their financial professional, versus 80 percent who discuss risk tolerance.
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